Request Fulfillment

Implementing a successful Service Request Management solution means offering a centralized, standard and repeatable request platform to achieve more efficiency and better quality for both end users and IT alike.

The key benefits our clients have experienced include:

  • Reduced risk around internal process change;
  • Pulling together disparate start points for different requests which creates a “pull” where users know where to go for multiple request types;
  • Formalization through use of a service catalog and optimization of the activities required to fulfil each request and removal all “blind alleys” and “bottlenecks”;
  • Creating assurance that approval points are automated wherever possible;
  • Those fulfilling requests are linked-in at the back-end and users see an up-to-date status on where the requests are…this becomes the only way to capture and process requests;
  • Better compliance: Accurate and automated audit and reporting capabilities;
  • Ease of piloting, proving and expand capability to Enterprise Request Management;
  • Delivering back office efficiencies and reduced fulfilment timescales for requests through accurate first time information;
  • Removing the need to go back and forward to the requester or to field status calls;
  • Cost savings from efficiency through reduced headcount to deliver.