IT Technical Staffing

We pay attention to our client’s team culture. We match resources based on the technical experience, soft skills, personality trait and specific client environment.


Our clients take great comfort in the fact that we are a software implementation company and not just a ‘body’ shop. We know how to identify, recruit and retain resourceful and very productive IT staff. With our core focus on implementing IT Service Management solutions, our project management office has the experience and expertise in identifying great talent.

The value to our clients is our extensive experience in working with an integrated project team focused on maintaining productive teams through effective communications, coordination and collaboration to achieve the client’s desired outcomes. We pay attention to our client’s team culture and match resources based on the technical expertise, soft skills and personality trait.

We have provided trained and experienced IT Technical staff to fortune 1000 companies, County governments and both Federal DoD and Civilian agencies. We also support other missions as subcontractors to major prime systems integrators.

We have significant experience in recruiting talent with the specific skills that is needed for our internal and project staff. Before the start of our candidate selection process, we meet with the hiring manager to gain an in-depth understanding of the expectations and goals for the position. After we have defined in detail the specifics of the position, along with its requirements and responsibilities, our recruiting team will conduct the research, networking and promoting of the position through our various employment channels.

Our team recognizes the importance of a Professional Development program for the betterment and enhancement of the skills of its employees for the performance of their jobs. The Company provides mentoring and job-specific training to all of our new team members. We provide class-room training, web casts, computer-based training, seminars and many other opportunities to learn.

AttivaSoft recognizes that employee retention and talent management are integral to sustaining our leadership and growth in the marketplace. Becoming an Employer of Choice by retaining high-caliber employees in today's labor market is one of our highest priorities. Our retention program is critical to our success. Our clients rely on our high standards in recruiting experienced and loyal team members for their critical IT projects.