IT Operations Support

Proactively maintain the health of your IT Infrastructure.

Are you frustrated with your IT service provider? If yes,  you are not alone.

It is a common complaint we hear from business owners and managers. The problem is that most IT services companies don’t focus on customer service. Sure they want your business and they will take care of your IT needs. However, they want to do it on their terms.

Why is that the case? Most IT professionals have never been trained to really care about customer service. They have a specialized skill set that is in demand and they have never had to focus on pleasing customers to be successful. You have probably worked with IT professionals who are condescending and resort to technical jargon if they don’t want to explain something to you. It is far too common.

AttivaSoft provides full-featured, cost-effective IT Support for small and medium businesses. We’ll take care of the technology and equipment so you can focus on more important things. Like running your business.

Our Managed Service is designed for those organizations that want to pay a predictable monthly amount for IT Service and Support with no surprises. Proactive IT Management and Support to ensure your critical business processes, applications, data and devices are all operating optimally.

  • Monitor – Your network will be monitored to identify warning signs and notify you before problems ever occur. We will keep an eye on server performance, Network uptime and availability, Security and make sure all your data is backed up and protected.
  • Manage – Our proactive management maximizes uptime for your business. We will keep all you servers, desktops and devices patched and secured. This keeps you protected against attacks and will keep your employees as productive as possible. Greater productivity while reducing costs is a great competitive advantage.
  • Maintain – Our team of friendly and knowledgeable technicians will worry about your IT Assets and manage your vendors. Certified and experienced; they will handle any and all IT support needs.


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