Help Desk / Service Desk Outsourcing

We understand that every minute of downtime impacts business productivity. Each step in our service desk process is designed to get end users’ issues addressed quickly.


Outsourcing your Service Desk operations will bring a variety of benefits to your organization, from reducing costs to lightening the load for overwhelmed IT leadership. Before you say no to the idea, consider all the benefits to be gained from outsourcing customer support operations.

Outsource Risk for Better Management

Let AttivaSoft be accountable and take on the cost and responsibility of installing, maintaining, and operating your service desk environment.

Greater Flexibility and Reach

Our team of support professionals have a flexible schedule from your employees and are often spread across the national time zones. This means that AttivaSoft is always open to serve with a support personnel waiting to help your clients.

Expert Knowledge

Our core business in defining IT Service Management processes based on ‘good’ practices and in implementing leading and proven service management solutions. We allow you to focus on your core offering while we provide the best quality end-user experience. Our certified and experienced domain experts have the requisite depth to succeed in a customer service environment.

Faster Response

We are focused on getting the job done within the contractual service levels. We have an incentive to exceed your expectations so as to continue to winning your confidence. We care about the monthly metrics that demonstrates our ability to provide timely support to your employees and customers. We employee best-of-breed technology to achieve this very critical objective to minimize a potential loss of revenue to our clients.

Cost Savings

AttivaSoft will absorb the cost of key activities such as recruiting, hiring, training, and tracking the performance of all Service Desk personnel. Free up your resources and perform vital services to your loyal customers while saving money. Outsourcing your help desk operations to AttivaSoft will greatly reduce costs for your business.