Kinetic Data


Enterprise Service Request Management Portals Kinetic Request is the most powerful and flexible enterprise-wide request management portal application available. It can optionally be used as a front-end for Kinetic Task, which simplifies task management and brings task management to all areas of an enterprise including IT, HR, facilities management, and any other service-delivery-oriented departments within large enterprise organizations. Kinetic Task empowers both technical and non-technical users to control tasks and approvals for service delivery processes.


Key Benefits
  • Lower request management costs — Kinetic Request integrates with all major ITSM, ERP, HR and other applications, including BMC, HP Service Manager,PeopleSoft, and ServiceNow, optimizing your data and security investments. Plus, forms are easily configured and managed without time- consuming coding.
  • Streamlined request fulfillment — With the added power of Kinetic Task, users can control their own tasks and approvals, bringing advanced workflow management to all areas of their organizations.
  • Improved user satisfaction — Even nontechnical users can quickly design easy-to-use self-service portals. Kinetic Request is the fastest and simplest way to build request management portals, enabling you to achieve "quick wins" on high-demand requests.