Cherwell Express Software Manager and CSM

Cherwell’s Express Software Manager and CSM CMDB can enable IT asset management professionals to:

  •  Ensure software compliance and prepare for vendor audits
  • Eliminate wasteful spending on unused licenses
  • Track and manage purchasing data related to IT investments

IT service desk professionals to:

  • Troubleshoot machine issues and perform root-cause analysis
  • Proactively plan system upgrades and manage change
  • View license availability to fulfill end user software requests
  • Reduce service desk calls related to unauthorized software

With Cherwell’s Express Software Manager mergeable application (mApp), you will be able to integrate critical IT asset data into the Cherwell Service Management® Configuration Management Database (CMDB). By obtaining visibility into what’s installed across the enterprise, your team will be better prepared to tackle service requests, resolve customer issues, and increase overall service desk responsiveness.

With Express Software Manager, you can collect and report on all your installed software, including details such as name, product ID, size, date, path, version, and whether specific installations are standalone applications or part of a suite. Express Software Manager uses a propriety software identification database to identify the countless executables discovered on your network, turning raw data into complete and reliable reports. Express Software Manager's software inventory reports are license-centric, providing you exactly the information you need to ensure license compliance, prepare for vendor audits, and make informed decisions about your software investments.



Express Software Manager's rich hardware inventory functionality integrated with Cherwell CSM CMDB offers summary level and detailed reports on your machines' attributes, configurations, and capabilities. Collect hardware inventory data such as computer name, manufacturer, CPU type and speed, memory, available disk space, network card address and manufacturer, serial number, and any custom parameters you specify. Express Software Manager makes it easy to assign and allocate hardware assets to individuals and organizational groups, as well as track purchasing data corresponding with your deployed hardware.