BMC MyIT – Next-Generation Self-Service



“Our personal experience with consumer technology at home has changed our expectations of enterprise information technology (IT) at work, driving employees to demand modern tools to do their jobs. We want the ease of Facebook®, speed of Twitter,® and service of But what can IT do to meet these lofty goals? BMC MyIT gives companies the power to transform the IT experience and eradicate the old, cumbersome processes that have hampered our business productivity and stymied our personal fulfillment at work for too long…”

Download full white paper here: BMC MyIT – Next-Generation Self-Service

BMC Remedy with Smart IT, a Smarter Service Desk for Your Digital Enterprise


Robin Purohit, President of ITSM at BMC writes:

One of the themes at this week’s Gartner Symposium is digital business and the big change that it is driving. As I travel and talk with customers, I see evidence firsthand of how the digital age is impacting every industry, transforming every corporation, and is arguably the greatest force of change in the global economy. Every business must rethink how it builds value. Every organization needs to constantly transform and innovate, and re-imagine its underlying business model to build competitive advantage.

This is just as important to IT – which has evolved from supporting the business to being the heart of business. Company success demands speed, and IT services need to be more intelligent, intuitive, and mobile to keep up. This is where a smarter service desk can help. With the release of BMC MyIT this past year, we forever changed the relationship between business users and IT. Now, with the introduction of Remedy with Smart IT, we are delivering a game-changing, experienced-based application for the IT organization.

It is our belief that employees should enjoy using technology. We design our technologies to provide an intelligent, mobile, and beautiful experience for IT roles, not product modules. Remedy with Smart IT not only revolutionizes the IT service desk experience but also improves productivity and IT knowledge so that digital services are delivered faster and at a lower cost while meeting the business expectations of the modern digital enterprise.