FTI Consulting


FTI Consulting Inc. was looking for assistance in upgrading their current IT Service Management system, in addition, to making enhancements to the existing system and providing maintenance support on an ongoing bases.


AttivaSoft’s high performance approach combines people, business process and advanced technology solutions. AttivaSoft met with FTI representatives to understand their current system requirements, we documented those requirements in a functional specification document, implemented those requirements in the newly upgraded applications and assisted the customer with post production support. AttivaSoft provided the ability for FTI designated contacts to submit issues via our Support Portal, which then notified the FTI AttivaSoft Support team, which would immediately begin triaging the issue encountered.


FTI’s organization was now able to leverage the new versions of the BMC Software, areas where they had customizations, we were able to leverage out of box functionality and/or assist them in process enhancements around the ITIL framework to have the customizations eliminated with the upgrade. We also gave FTI the ability to have on call maintenance & support whenever called upon, but didn’t need to have a consultant sitting onsite day in and day out. This allowed them to save money, but also leverage the expertise of AttivaSoft’s consultants when issues or enhancements to the existing system would arrive.