About Us

Contract Vehicles

Through our unique qualifications we offer agencies a number of contract vehicle advantages

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AttivaSoft has selected many of the top leading technology providers to enable us to deliver best-in-class IT Service Management

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At AttivaSoft, it's not just a job, it's an opportunity! We believe in a Mutually Beneficial Rewarding Relationship.

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Social Responsibility

Our objective at AttivaSoft is to make the world a better place.

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Why AttivaSoft?

Implements & Supports IT Enterprise Solutions for a changing business landscape

  • Optimize your service catalog for support cost and usage insights
  • Scale your IT budget to realign as an IT Enterprise services broker
  • Reduce failed IT changes, reduce downtime and increase productivity to lower costs
  • Align service desk functions with business drivers
  • Delivering back office efficiencies
  • Capture, share, and control knowledge

Collaboration, Effective Project Management & Quality Control

  • Take time to listen carefully and obtain a keen understanding of client objectives.
  • People matters most: We assign key staff with directly related experience
  • Project success starts with our experienced and inspirational technical leadership
  • We collaborate on detailed work plan for the client to review, confirm and prioritize based on business objectives and budget – The desired outcome

Focused on your Service objectives & desired customer experience

  • Increase IT’s business impact and relevance
  • Double customer satisfaction
  • Adopt, replicate and enforce ‘Good’ practices
  • Encourage smart and proactive service fulfillment
  • Proliferate knowledge and encourage self-service
  • Strive towards Unifying the IT customer experience across the Enterprise
  • Ensure application capabilities and features deliver value to the end-user

Ethical & Passion to Provide Outstanding Service

  • Extreme “Passion” to Exceed Client Expectations
  • Proven Record of Success (Client References)
  • Commitment to Excellence With Internal and External Customers
  • Demonstrated By Never Having Lost a Client Due to Performance
  • Exemplified By Clients Extending Beyond Initial Scope of Services