Service Asset and Configuration Management

AttivaSoft’s Service Asset and Configuration Management offering is primarily focused on maintaining information about Configuration Items (i.e., assets) required to deliver an IT service, including detailed attributes as well as their relationships to one another.

The Configuration Management process is the management and traceability of every aspect of a configuration item from beginning to end and it includes the following key process areas under its umbrella used to ensure the proper scoping and operational activities necessary to provide current and accurate service based configuration information to who needs it when they need it.

Those key process phases include:

  • Identification
  • Planning
  • Change control
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • OEM brokerage and maintenance

AttivaSoft works with clients as they manage a continual service improvement roadmap to:

  • Have Automated Discovery and Inventory.
  • Have integrated cloud into its next-generation asset capabilities.
  • Link best practices, such as ITIL, to its asset management strategy.
  • Achieve superior data accuracy -- Have linkages across multiple well-established data sources.
  • Achieve an optimal OEM maintenance schedule
  • Plan or deploy Application Discover and Dependency Mapping.
  • Optimize software license usage overall.
  • Track usage for desktop applications and reassign or cancel unused licenses.
  • Have a service catalog in place and support cost and usage insights.
  • Prioritize and integrate application portfolio rationalization.
  • Support enterprise extensions for next-generation asset management.
  • Scale their IT budget to realign as an IT Enterprise product provider
  • Provide OEM brokerage service

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